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IntelliCommu markets a patent-pending Video Streaming Services, It empowers its users to access scalable streaming High Definition Video Content beyond 4K and 8K formats over a very low bandwidth network. Our video technology is to combine a proprietary video codec, channel security and Artificial Intelligence to enable streaming multilanguage contents within virtual conference and content delivery supporting the lowest bandwidth, recorded file size and the highest visual quality, and we intent to replace every video-based service.

Create and develop local salable secure real-time platform to support electronic learning, distance learning, and blended learning through enabling remote interactive learning using HD video, text, voice, music, presentation, virtual lab and animation, as well as developing and measuring the interaction between remote instructors, TA, students and learner. It will interface to a special pad or surface, mobile devices and the instructor station will include more than one computer and/or screen.

Enabling Medical Streaming Platform capable of streaming Ultra-High Definition formats and above with the connectivity with all the medical equipment and latest sensors and technology, as well as integration with Artificial Intelligence to diagnosing any unfamiliar activity analyzing medical signals activity. 

Multi-Purpose Streaming Channel for all kind of Entertainment Streaming Content with the capability of multi-channels throughput under the hood of minimum computational power, bandwidth with highest visual quality for high-end clients experience for content providers. 

High performance engine for video codecs enabling a world of Ultra High Definitions Video Content with about 80% reduction in bandwidth usage, enriching video content platforms and digital media.


  • Scalability
  • Minimum Bandwidth
  • Maximum Visual Quality 4K & 8K
  • Cloud based Security
  • Minimum Computation
  • Real-time Analytics
  • High Performance
  • National Databases
  • Specialization
  • AI Integration

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